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03 September 2014

How Swinging Will Destroy Our Economy (Humor)

While watching a movie recently that was obviously a cautionary tale about how the road to hell is paved with good intentions, a wife tries to help a girl get back on her feet by letting her move in as their nanny only to find she is a prostitute.  Needless to say, that causes trouble and nearly ends the marriage and the marriage of some friends as well even though the host couple never had sex with the girl.  At the end of the movie we were kinda pissed off that they didn't have a 3-some, or the girl even experiment with the host couple, let alone live happily ever after in a polyamorous relationship, but we quickly realized that would have gone totally against the premise of the movie and the moral of the story, the movie would have ended way differently, and the movie would have fallen apart.  In other words, swinging would break Hollywood.

Think about it.  How many movies have huge storylines built around cheating, affairs, betrayal, separation, and divorce, all things that in many ways all but disappear in a truly healthy swinger relationship?  Maybe a quarter, up to a half of the movies and TV series out there?  The theme of unforgivable sexual infidelity and shattered monogamy is one of the biggest crutches of Hollywood.  If swinging became mainstream it would render thousands of movies and shows ridiculous, pointless, and out-of-touch with a society where relationships are so strong that they endure the inclusion of others in their intimacy.  Hollywood would collapse, Netflix, Amazon, and others would file for bankruptcy, and a chain reaction would cause the collapse of our whole economy!!

Ok, that is a huge exaggeration, but it is funny to think of how many times we all as swingers sit in our seats watching a movie or a TV show thinking, "That is so stupid ... they wouldn't have that problem if they were swingers!"  If only the rest of the world understood how freeing it can be to say to your spouse, "Hey, doesn't she look hot?  I'd like to see you doing it with her!"  What many people in the world feel is a perversion we feel is a progression, a much more trusting and fun way of living our lives.  But one that Hollywood is not ready for yet.  For the good of the economy we will just have to ease them into it...

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