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27 November 2011

Condoms, Bareback, and Latex Allergies

If you decide that you are a full-swap couple, sooner or later you will have to deal with the issue of what your "rule" is about using condoms when you have intercourse with someone that is not your normal partner.  Couples usually end up in one of three categories:  Bareback, Condoms Required, or Condoms Optional. If you have latex allergies, we have some tips for you too, but in general it still complicates things a bit.

07 November 2011

Approaching Couples at a Club

This isn't meant to be a comprehensive guide, but a reminder of the #1 important thing to remember for those who are dealing with a couple, which is are dealing with a couple.  The bottom-line is this:

If the person you want to play with is part of a couple, spend time talking to BOTH of them.  If you don't and you are rejected, don't be surprised.

29 August 2011

The Irony of Monogamy

While it is true that some noble creatures such as the locally abundant Canada Goose are almost totally monogamous and mate for life, we might not want to point to them as a model of how we should behave as a society.  They also like to poop all over parking lots, sidewalks, and the ground, and can be equally noisy and vicious in certain circumstances.  And besides, almost all other types of animals are very non-monogamous, so there is actually more of an incentive to follow that trend if we are studying our animal friends.

However, I did run across an interesting article by a writer in Cleveland that does touch on a lot of the "artificial" hidden forces at work in societies today that insist on monogamy in humans.  That article is HERE.  Enjoy!

26 July 2011

Go Topless in Ohio

If you visit a beach at one of the Ohio State Parks, it is quite possible (and legal) for you to look over and see a bit more skin than you expected.  Both men and women are allowed to wear as little as a thong and be totally topless anywhere on park land, including the public beaches, in the water, campgrounds, hiking trails, etc..  Currently it is not very common to see topless women (or "topfree" as some prefer), or men and women in a thong bathing suit, but it is a privilege that some people do take advantage of both for "tan line" reasons, and just to enjoy the feeling of freedom.

29 April 2011

Please just stop the Club War

We are very sorry to say that this is kind of a sad time to be a swinger in Cincinnati.  We are personally noticing that there appears to be a war going on involving Cincinnati swinger clubs.  Rather than focusing on what the swingers want, we have seen some pretty harsh words lately aimed at trying to scare swingers away from one club and hopefully toward another, apparently because one club is seriously hurting financially and is using scare tactics and negative rumors in their desperation.  And yes, it does appear very one-sided, but we swingers are caught in the middle and are the ultimate losers here.  Let us say now, we are sorry that you are having to go through this, and we hope it ends soon.

It's a common saying:  "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  We try to follow that ourselves, and our suggestion to you is that if you see or hear people trying to make another swinger club in Cincinnati look or sound bad, be VERY suspicious.  Listen to the good things people are saying about a swinger club.  Ignore the bad stuff people say about a swinger club because they probably have an agenda.