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29 August 2010

Flasher-friendly Bars Around Cincinnati

We decided to post an ad on Craigslist to find out where to go if we wanted to let the wife do a little friendly flashing and actually be noticed versus try to do it and not get caught.  A side-hobby of ours is taking photos of her flashing in interesting and fun public places, such as roadsides, rivers, parks, restaurants, etc..  Doing it discretely for photos is fine, but sometimes it is also exciting to see people react, appreciate, and enjoy the "free show" that she puts on.

A favorite memory of ours was on the way back from our first trip to Washington DC together, we stopped at a gas station and she had on a white peasant top that was somewhat see-through, so if your eye was caught by her large nipples poking through the fabric you could actually make out the pink area underneath around her nipples where the areola is.  One poor unprepared man walking by caught sight of them and stopped dead in his tracks and just stared at her chest and could not even form words.  After about 15 seconds of the guy stammering she just giggled and walked over to share what happened and we had a good laugh.  It was a proud and arousing moment for both of us.

That doesn't really happen at a swinger club like Club 440 that we frequent.  When you are in a protective private environment like a swinger club where you are allowed to be as naked as you want, having a nipple slip out or giving a glimpse up a skirt with no panties underneath is very liberating, but loses some of the "naughtiness factor".  And believe it or not, a swinger club is a pretty nurturing environment for women, and the women can be quite conscious about not trying to upstage other women.  It is not uncommon for experienced (and subjectively more beautiful) women to hold back and let the newer women that might be coming out of their shell, so to speak, steal the spotlight to give them a good self-confidence boost at times.  So, all things considered, finding some places outside of a swinger club to cut loose and show some skin is very appealing to us.

Based on the input of several people around the Cincinnati area, here are the 4 places that appear to be noteworthy.  Oddly enough, none of them are on the East side of Cincinnati in Clermont county where we hoped to find something close to home.  Oh well, it gives us a reason to venture out beyond our borders and hopefully meet some new people.  Hopefully we will see you at one of them sometime!

Froggy Blues CafĂ© – This is a bar in Monroe, OH that seems to be pretty lenient about things.   Even in Ohio where smoking is banned in all public places, there were people smoking inside.  We were there today before the 8:30 under 21 curfew, so there were a lot of kids, but we could feel the undercurrents of what was going to happen after 8:30 when the kids disappeared, where it is said it is not out of the ordinary to see some skin.  It is on the same exit as the new outlet mall and old flea markets on I-75, and about a block West of Hustler Hollywood.  The best nights to go are Thurs, Fri, Sat.

Backyard Inn – This is a bar in Reading, OH.  It is family owned and is “cool as hell”, even though it is in Hamilton County.  One couple says they always get a “free show there”, and supposedly even the bartender has been known flash her tits.

Crossbow Nightclub – This is a nightclub / bar in Ft. Mitchell, KY in the basement of the Drawbridge Inn.  They play a wide variety of music, draw a pretty diverse crowd, and the dress code is pretty lenient.  It is also an unofficial swinger couple hookup hangout.  The drink prices at the bar are “reasonable”, and there is no cover charge.  One couple said that the husband drops off the wife at the door and then parks the car and goes in to see what fun she has gotten into, and she even has let a little nipple peek out to help get some free drinks. [We heard this is closed now - call before going]

Rascals – This is a bar in West Chester, OH.  Supposedly they have a lot of boobs being flashed, upskirts, motorboating (face buried in cleavage), and "friendly touching" [per someone that responded, not our words].

We hope this list will come in useful for some people-watching or people-flashing, or even inspiration for some heated playtime when you get home!

If you have any places that should be added to the list or comments to add, please write us at



  1. the wife and I are visiting cincinnati in a few weeks. We will be sure to try a couple of these places. Thanks for the advice chicago fun.

  2. For your consideration, another person responded a few weeks late suggesting Peecox in Independence, Ky and Monkee Dews in Walton, KY.

  3. Thanks....your blog was as much help as we could find on the cinci scene

  4. We staying in covington...any suggestions?

  5. Crossbow on the list is the best one in that area. Give that a try on a Thurs, Fri, or Sat night for the best fun. :-)

  6. Well, we finally found a bar on the East side of Cincinnati (the side we live on) and it closed. Rhinos, may you rest in peace. So we went to "The Sports Page Cafe" which is right down the street from Deja Vu in Mt. Carmel. They seem pretty cool about her having her tits out on the dance floor from time to time.

  7. Great site! We are pretty new to all this but just wanted to add a quick observation... Sometimes the "flash" experience is best where it is least expected and all the more fun because it does take a little effort for the unobservant masses to notice. The story you tell about the roadside apoplexy is great!

  8. I love your Wife's tits; perfect in every way!

  9. Hello... my wife and I like going to "regular bars" and meeting others interested in swinging activities. Swing Clubs are great, but sometimes we like the thrill of the "pickup" or meeting somebody and hinting around about having fun to see if we are all on the same page. Can anybody recommend a good bar for this? Maybe a place where swingers tend to congregate? We used to enjoy doing this at a hotel bar in NKY, but it has recently closed down. Any advice?

  10. Any up dates on bars

  11. Staying in Sharonville October 1st & 2nd where should we go.