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15 June 2010

Remember To Shave

This kind of goes under the "too obvious to mention" category, but here we go mentioning it.  Before you meet up with your swinger friends (or potential swinger friends), if you shave, try to shave right before you go.  This means both guys and girls.  So, let me 'splain. No, there's too much.  Let me sum up. ...

Guys, by the end of the day you may look rugged in your 5 o'clock shadow if you shave your face, but if you are going to be meeting, kissing, and possibly more with some women somewhere, not every woman loves the feeling of a man's coarse stubble on their face, breasts, and between their legs.  Treat meeting swingers just like going on a special date, because it is, and shave your face again right before you head out.  If you shave your pubic area and penis shaft (which appears to be the norm for a lot of swingers), shave that right before too.  Again, there are plenty of women out there that are going to be distracted or even put off if your downstairs is hard on their mouth or their upper or lower sets of lips.

Ladies, the same goes for you and the areas you shave.  Even guys have a tolerance level for pubic stubble scratching against their face or penis, but for those bisexual encounters you are dealing with women playing down there, so do yourself a favor and make it soft, smooth, and inviting.  Legs and armpits can sometimes be overlooked (face it, most swingers aren't wanting to play with your legs and armpits), but if you are a cuddler, like some people we know, just do it anyway.

It all boils down to respect and showing the people you are about to meet that they matter enough for you take the extra effort to not only be clean (see the earlier post about showering) when you meet them but smooth too.  If you don't make the time to do this, you are showing that you aren't taking your potential partner seriously and we have seen one woman at a club write a guy off that night when it hurt too much to kiss him simply because he didn't shave before coming.

So, if you have to, put together a shaving kit to use at work before you leave.  Or bring your shaving kit to the house party or swinger club, since they usually have a shower available if you need to shave your pubes.  We just always try to shower and shave (since the water softens the hairs before shaving) right before we go to a club.  That seems easiest for us.

Just remember...  "Friends don't let friends swing with stubble".  Or is it "Stubble Equals Trouble"?  Maybe "Mow Before You Blow".  Well, you get the idea.  Just keep having fun!


  1. I thought on another page you said swingers are about not having to live with such strict relationship rules so mebbe some people like stubble or hair down and up there right? I'm confused. You seem to be espousing post 1970-something porn standards. Shouldn't there b hirsute diversity as well as relationship diversity? Because cleanliness and hairiness are not synonymous, according to most health studies. Its actually the opposite.

  2. People are going to shave wherever they decide to shave. We don't technically care WHERE or IF they shave at all, and the only thing we are really trying to espouse is Swinging!

    If you are a man and you shave your face in the morning and go to a swinger club at night expecting to put your face between some wonderful woman's soft legs, do a touch-up shave on your face so you aren't scratching up the inside of her legs with your stubble. That's all! If you DO shave your pubic area, touch up there too. The two of us have even had sex with each other the night after or day after shaving and gotten quite a rash from the other person's stubble.

    So maybe a better title for the posting would be "Get Rid of Your Stubble!" That's all we're saying.

  3. But then again, if you KNOW the people you will be playing with and they like stubble, then by all means wear your stubble. The main point is if you don't know who you will be with, be respectful and shave your stubble so your potential partners will have the most enjoyable time possible with you.