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18 June 2010

Hello! But No Goodbye?

To everyone that we know, Goodbye!!!

There, we said it.  So now, anytime we leave a swinger club and we didn't get a chance to come find you and personally say goodbye, please use this one instead.  :-)

Really and truly, we try to get around to everyone we know and say Hello at least some time during the nights that we come to the club, but there are so many reasons that we sometimes just up and leave the club early without reversing the process and going around to say goodbye to everyone.  That can literally take an extra 30-60 minutes if we stop around and say goodbye to people and end up in conversations about this or that or why we are leaving, etc..  So please, just trust us, we would love to come find you and give you hugs and kisses, but honestly the Number One reason that we sometimes just have to grab our bag and bolt out the door is that we are TOO FREAKING HORNY to stop and say goodbye!

After a week of work, kids, more work, and more kids, we NEED to come to the club to unwind and be around other horny adults.  But by the time we are really ready to cut loose, we sometimes realize that we are totally not prepared to be understanding about another couple's rules, feelings, and needs ... we just need to FUCK each other HARD and collapse in bed immediately afterwards.  So we bolt.

When people go off to a room to play, other people leave without saying goodbye all the time with no hard feelings, so we consider this to be in the same category.  We will look forward to the next time we see you and say hello to you warmly then, no matter who left first last time and whether goodbyes were said or not.

Consider this our open-ended "Goodbye and see you soon!"  So next time you see us bolting for the exit door early, just smile because you know that very soon a horny girl is going to be screaming into a pillow so we don't wake up the neighbors.

Hugs and kisses!
Brian & Karen

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