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21 May 2010

Take a Shower, Read a Book

A recent trip to a store where we were waited upon by a friendly but rather smelly cashier reminded us of something that may seem like it goes without saying, but it needs to be said:

If there is any chance you are going to play, TAKE A SHOWER.

05 May 2010

Going to Club 440

There are a lot of aspects to consider when deciding to go to a Swinger club, and Club 440 is no exception.  Here is a list of a lot of the common questions and helpful tips for those that have never been to Club 440 before (or never been to any Swinger club, for that matter).  Before heading there, check out the club's website at to confirm pricing, hours, rules, and events, since the article you are about to read is not associated with or maintained by Club 440 in any form.